How to replace the keyboard for samsung R468

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The Samsung R478 and R468 two machines are similar in appearance and dismantling, must wash hands to remove the static or wear a wrist strap before disassemble to note is, so as not to damage the motherboard.

1. After you take off the battery, remove the laptop behind a cover plate. This block beneath the cover there are memory chips, hard drives, wireless network



2. After the hard protective shell screwed down, pinch labeled “PULL” plastic paper to the back pumping hard , hard drives will be able to win it.



3. Wireless card online two signal lines can be drawn down, then screw down the module above , the card will be able to remove it.



4. Next to the memory there is a fixed drive screws directly release , the CD-ROM will be able to draw went. Then all the screws to remove the entire back of the notebook and began dismantling the front .



5. There are some clips around the keyboard , each with a flat-blade screwdriver to poke snaps are able to remove the keyboard , and remember keyboard cable to connect the motherboard there is a need to loosen .



6. After the win to the keyboard , twist off the shell above the keyboard below the screws , removing the touchpad cable, and then use the paddles gash C, D shell, the C shell removed, in some places there is a snap , then force must be uniform .



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